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The Downbeat - 14 October 2009 - #78 - The Scrimmage People Edition

1_medium  The Jazz season doesn't start without the rookie dance-off.  Though he's not a rookie, the KOOF is back to defend his title.  Thanks to Jazzgirl08 for the video.  Check out her channel for interviews from the event.

Rookie + Koufus Dance Off 2009 (via jazzgirl08)


2_medium   The scrimmage was a rousing success from all accounts.  Lots of player and fan interaction and some high-flying dunks.  The team is still talking about defense though and improving in that regard. If anything, they're at least still talking about it so maybe by virtue of some kind of audible osmosis, it will start sinking in.

8_medium Too bad the Fess didn't participate this year in the dance-off, but he may have an official Facebook account.  You remember when he proclaimed he has a girlfriend now.  It looks to be a legit account as he's got a pic of him and his girlfriend with mashk and cj miles listed as friends.  Don't know if he'll accept friend requests though like DWill and CJ. Now if we can just get him on twitter for real.  No offense @the_best_fess.


via facebook

4_medium The Jazz are giving away free tickets to tomorrow's game against the Blazers.  Two ways you can do it.  First, drop off at least a bag of food to the Utah food bank and get a free ticket.  Second, follow the official Jazz Twitter at or at least visit that page to find out how to win.

5_medium A last call to do Jazz player previews.  I may need to put up a separate post in case people aren't reading the Downbeat or maybe not reading down to the bottom.  If you would like to help do Jazz player previews, please email me, tweet me, or leave a comment with who you'd like to do.

If we don't get enough, then you'll have to suffer through me doing them all and Seinfeld references in each of them.