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The Downbeat - 15 October 2009 - #79 - The KOOF Will Prove You Wrong Edition

1_medium If you haven't been to in the past 12 hours or so, head there now to check out the new look.  I like it.  The layout is better and a little cleaner.  I like the big story banner.  Most of all, I'm glad to see the team embrace the team's roots and showcase the note at the top.

2_medium   Great pics from the food drive that the Jazz held yesterday.  Are you suppose to be showing your ninja skills without being in your Shinobi Shozoku?

8_medium  Trying to find out from Locke why he thinks that Fess, instead of the KOOF, is in line for the 4th big spot.  Not that the KOOF has done anything to impress this pre-season, it seems a little early.  Maybe it's because the Jazz can't send him down to Orem?

I hope he develops, but we'll see.

4_medium Return of the Flop tonight.  I think Deron's synopsis from Siler's column sums it up,

As Williams joked, it would read as follows: Flops on defense. Not athletic. Range to about 8 feet on his jumper. A couple of other things, too: Outstanding teammate. Hard worker. Embodiment of professionalism.

He's kind of the anti-Boozer.  Nobody would ever question Collins' character both on and off the court.  But we do question his basketball skills.  Boozer on the other hand, no one questions his offensive output on the floor.  It's his off the court persona that rubs everyone wrong.

Collins will probably get a good ovation tonight from the ESA crowd.  Class act and a good guy.  I really hope Deron does get a chance to dunk on him though.

And if he doesn't catch on with the Blazers, he can spell his brother when Jason needs a night off.

5_medium  Best of luck to AK who will be heading back to Russia to attend to some personal, family issues.  It's hard enough if your family lives a couple hours away when something happens, let alone a couple of continents