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Recap - Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz - W - 99-96

Bullet-point style

  • Maybe, just maybe, the Jazz mean it this time when they're going to play D.  The Blazers were without Brandon Roy but still held  the Blazers to 40% shooting.  They got 9 steals and 25 PF points.
  • Jazz had the edge in all shooting %s tonight.
  • Memo got the Jazz off right with two three-pointers.  He finished with 15 points.
  • It looks like it's Wes Matthews' job to lose should the Jazz sign another player.  He's getting all of the minutes right now and run with the first team.  We was 5/7 tonight for 12 points.  Dupree hasn't been bad, just not enough to leap Wes.
  • Ronnie P and Deron with an identical 10 points on 5/7 shooting.  D-Will had 7 boards and 7 assists.  All of those boards came in the first quarter.  Ronnie sounded good.
  • The Fess v. KOOF battle didn't have a winner.  Nobody stood out tonight.  Fess had a nice block on Oden.  The KOOF has one as well.

    Nobody taking the position though.
  • Boozer and Millsap were both quiet.  They both had 7 boards, but not much on offense tonight.
  • Eric Maynor with 14 & 5 on 4/9 shooting.  He did have a -15 but that was probably more to do with the team he was playing with at the time.  He gives the Jazz a lot of flexibility in regards to mix and matching Deron and Ronnie P.  He may not get many minutes at first, but I feel more confident with him than I ever did with Hart and Knight.
  • Jazz had a 28-4 advantage on the fast break.  Jazz seemed give up a lot of FB points last year.
  • Ronnie B hit a couple of midrange jumpers in addition to his dunks.  He finished with 12.

It's just the pre-season, but....  You have to like how to team is clicking right now.  Despite the lineup experiments and PT given to guys that won't be with the team in a few weeks, the Jazz have managed to go 3-1 so far in the pre-season.

Most everyone appears to be ready to go for the season.  Too bad it's still a couple weeks away.  I'll be happy if we can avoid any more major injury until then and actually start out the season with a full roster.

We'll head to LA for a Saturday game next before seeing Portland again in Portland.