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Andrei and Masha Kirilenko Adopt a Baby Girl



First, thanks to moni again for the great find.  Second, glad to hear that the reason AK was heading back to Russia wasn't bad news.  

Here's a couple of excerpts from the article via Google Translate (gotta love GT):

Andrei Kirilenko and his wife, Masha was adopted by a two-month old girl - the corresponding court decision was taken yesterday.

Apparently, in Russia, baby adopts you!

I've never adopted, but it's obviously not an overnight thing in any country.  AK explains that it has taken a while,

As I have said many times, to abandon the trip to Poland I was forced to family circumstances. And now in this story finally is over. We Masha adopted by a girl. Russian. She is only two months. Just do not want to talk about it in advance, to avoid speculation. The whole process took a very long time - it began in February.They gathered all the necessary documents, talked with psychologists, in the last month visited the child. In fact, to resolve all issues, took virtually all summer. Problems arose even from the fact that we Masha registered in different cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. And just this morning a meeting of the court, which formally recognized our parents of the child.

And as moni reported, her name will be Alexandra which is a Greek name meaning "Man's Defender."  Appropriate given AK's role on the team.

Congrats again to the Kirilenkos.