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The Downbeat - 2 October 2009 - #70 - The

1_medium  Ross Siler mentioned that he flies out for London this afternoon.  I imagine the Jazz aren't far behind.  It's a good opportunity for the Jazz to spread not only the NBA but to expand the Jazz brand.

Maybe Kosta will recover from his poor performance in this first game since he'll be back on Euro time where he's been the past month.

This will be the only time you'll be able to see the Jazz this pre-season.  Both games will be broadcast on NBA tv.  The Jazz have to travel half way around the world for you to be able to catch a video of the game.  Haven't heard/read a reason why none of the games are being broadcast.

2_medium All I'm praying for when the Jazz meet up with the Bulls is that Rose stays the hell away from Deron's ankles.

8_medium Who is your early bet to make the team should the Jazz add someone to the roster?

4_medium From some of the pics, it looked like the crowd was a bit sparse last night.  The Jazz will only have one more pre-season game at home while playing mostly on the road.  Those road games could tell us all we need to know about the season.  Unless of course they lose them, then we just write them off as being the pre-season.

5_medium  Interviews from last night,