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The Downbeat - 21 October 2009 - #83 - The Paranormal Activity Edition

1_medium  Not much more you can do if you're Wes Matthews.  He's found himself in a perfect situation.  With Harpring out and CJ injured, it would be surprising at this point if he doesn't get offered a contract.  The Jazz just signed a huge deal with FSN, so they can afford to bring on a little more payroll, right?

Matthews has averaged 7.6 points a game while shooting 46% from the field.  From three-point range he's 4-7 for 57%.  His D has been solid. 

He'll be the 13th or 14th man on the bench and will come relatively cheap.  Had Harp and CJ been healthy, we wouldn't be talking about this because of the luxury tax situation.

2_medium Well, hell.  I didn't get my idea launched in time.  Looks like others are starting up the DWill All-star machine already.  Guess that's what I get for sitting on it.  Don't worry, will still launch by the season opener. 

8_medium  Great recap from last night's game against the Blazers.

4_medium  Most impressive about last night's win other than Deron's dominance was the fact that they took it to a division rival on the road.  Given that McMillan said he was going to play the game like a regular season game, it gives me hope about the road woes.  It was a great win, but I'll need to see some consistency before I think they've turned the corner.  .500 is all I'm asking.

5_medium Only one more pre-season game before they start to count.