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The Downbeat - 23 October 2009 - #85 - The Final Countdown Edition

1_medium  Warning, it auto-repeats.  Might not be a bad thing.

2_medium Maybe these things will get better, but you have to worry a bit about injuries again.  Korver is now seeking a second opinion on his knee.  I think Danielle would be of the opinion that it's a fine knee.  Ronnie Price has been out with a bad hammy.  Okur missed a game because of a sore back which also happened last season.  And of course CJ is out after surgery on his shooting hand.  And now Brewer is having back spasms.

That's three starters and two regular rotation guys that are already hurting to start the season.  These things normally don't get better over the course of the year.

Too bad Mr. Miyagi has passed on, we could use him.

8_medium  Millsap and Miles both said that the week after they signed offer sheets for the Blazers and Thunder respectively was the longest in their lives.

I have to imagine that for Wes Matthews, it's got to be 10X worse.  CJ and Paul at least had the comfort knowing that they were going to get paid and be in the NBA regardless of what the Jazz did.  Matthews on the other hand is this close to making an NBA team after going undrafted.  It would be very hard to last that long with the team and play so well only to not get a contract right before the season starts.

Between tonight's game and the Tuesday opener, I don't imagine he'll sleep much or think of anything else until he gets word.

4_medium  Anyone with any Jazz-related costumes for Halloween?

5_medium Player previews are set and will start on Tuesday.  I'm looking at running a couple a day until they're done.  Thanks to everyone that signed up.  If you still want to get in, let me know.