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The Downbeat - 27 October 2009 - #87 - The Downbeat of the Season Edition

1_medium  An official SLC Dunk welcome to Wes Matthews.  Even though he'll wear #23, he will hopefully become more than a fan favorite and stick with the team for a while.

Apparently his agent or father slipped him a note that Sloan likes hard workers and that PT, or in this case a roster spot, is earned in practice.

His contract isn't guaranteed though unless he's with the Jazz come January 10, so he could be cut.  I could see Sloan saying this to him each day after practice,

"Good night, Wes. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely [cut] you in the morning."

2_medium  clarkpojo messaged me a week ago and said that this would be the longest week ever.  Well, it's finally here.  Jazz fans will have to wait another day, so it's not quite over.

I have to say I'm probably most excited about being able to watch the Jazz for the first time this season.

8_medium  Besides trying to cover the Flash some morer, okay at all, I'm going to try to become a more well-rounded NBA viewer this season.  I watched other teams and follow a few team blogs, but mainly it was all Jazz.  And it still will be, but I think having more NBA knowledge can only help writing about the Jazz.

4_medium  I got no love from my Jazz Halloween question.  So let's try this one.  What should each of the Jazz players dress up as on Oct 31?

5_medium To kick off the season, here's a bit from Malone's first game as a rookie via A Stern Warning,