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The Downbeat - 28 October 2009 - #88 - The Mile High Edition

1_medium Lot's of stuff to look forward to tonight as a Jazz fan.  Will they carry over the pre-season, road-winning success?  Will the team's talk of D be just that, talk?  Who will get the first points of the season?  Who's going to get under Melo's skin now that Harp is gone?  Maybe he can just come and sit on the bench and stare at him.  Will I be able to stay awake after the game long enough to write a recap?  Will Boler and Booner be in mid-season form?  Is the new Flop AK because of his do?  Will the KOOF and Fess make a small jump?

2_medium Speaking of D, who's going to stand up as the leader on defense and be the captain per-se of the defensive unit?  Deron?  Millsap?  Brewer?  AK?  I'd really like someone take it upon himself to be the defensive guy and lead the team.  Also, the Jazz have brought in Horny the past couple of years to work on shooting.  Why haven't they brought in anyone to work with the big guys on D?  Eaton could help the young guys a lot.  Too bad we can't get Karl in.

8_medium  The player previews have started and will be running through the end of next week.  Keep a lookout for a couple of those a day.   Thanks to everyone that participated.

4_medium  Can I tell you happy I am that the NBA season has kicked off and that my RSS reader is full of stuff that I probably won't get around to reading?  

5_medium  Lot's of action tonight in the NBA and on SLCDunk.  Player previews today.  Game preview.  Game thread around 8.  Game recap.  Tomorrow you'll have the Downbeat of course.  You'll have the return of While You Were Sleeping.  And finally, will launch sometime today and you'll have semi-daily updates of just Deron and his All-star status.