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While You Were Sleeping... 29 October 2009

Or, while you were pulling your hair out...

Thanks to the poll we ran earlier, the KOOF will be taking over duties here for Boozer.  Doesn't look like the KOOF will be getting much playing time anyway, so he'll be fresh.

Seems a bit early to start this.  I started it late last season as a way to recap games from around the association that impacted the Jazz playoff standings.  As of this morning, the Jazz are out of the playoffs.

Nevertheless, we'll take a look at a few games that impact the Jazz.  We'll also be following the Knicks this season as their 2010 pick will be one of the things we can look to after losses like these.

Hornets - 96 @ Spurs - 113

We can find a little comfort in the misery of others as Chris Paul and the Hornets fell to the SpursThis one doesn't even look like it was close.  Paul had 26 & 9 with Okafor adding 18 & 10.  The Spurs were too much and looked dominating.  Bad news.

The KOOF is indifferent



Rockets - 108 @ Warriors - 107

Don't know how this affects the Jazz other than it seems like we play the Rockets every other week. 

Can't cheer for the Rockets



Knicks - 93 @ Heat - 115

Presented with no commentary.