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The Official Launch Party of

vote deron screenshot
vote deron screenshot

Last night in the wee hours of the morning, I turned on  It's pretty simple right now.  I'll be posting there highlights and updates of Deron's season.  That's not the main focus of course.

The main goal is to help in whatever way to get Deron selected to his first All-star game.

The first goal is to get him voted in via the fan vote.  It could be an impossible chore given that Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker, etc. all reside in the western conference.

I think though, with everyone's help, we can wage a campaign through email, twitter, contests, and other methods to bring recognition to DWill.

He's done a tremendous job this off-season getting his name into the national spotlight with his dodge ball tourney, charities, and his TNT spot.  There has already been a lot written about this is the year that he finally gets selected.

So the first part of the campaign will be for you to re-tweet posts from with the #votederon hashtag.  We'll be doing various twitter/facebook/whatever campaigns though none involve a boy and his balloon.

So first, follow @votederon.  Second, re-tweet and add @votederon to your #FF tweets.  Those with blogs, make sure to write about it and link to  We need a lot of activity.  I'll be cross-mojinating here as well.

If anyone would like to help, hit me up on twitter or email.  Let me know your ideas on how to make this huge.

I'm working on setting it up so that you can submit stories, etc. that you find just like you do here on SLC Dunk.

Comments on are easy as well.  You can sign in to comment (create a story in the future) using your existing Google, Wordpress, Twitter, or other accounts.  Works pretty smooth so you don't have to worry about another login.

The website isn't a finished product by any means.  I'll be continually updating it with new features and design.  I just wanted to get the content portion of it going at the start of the season.

If we don't get him in via the fan vote, we'll start transitioning to the coaches vote.

Hit me up with any questions.