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The Downbeat - 30 October 2009 - #90 - Those Road Game Will Haunt You

1_medium Thanks for those that checked out and followed on twitter. Got a lot of good ideas that we'll be going with.  It was great to get retweets from David Locke and DWill himself.  We're up to 180 followers already.  Quite a bit of growth from that.

And thank to Prodigal Punk for the new banner.

2_medium I think I echo The Agreement's sentiment from TBJ,

Again, home games don’t count this year for me, because I know they will show up and act like they care when they have their home crowd behind them.

Starting winning on the road and then we'll see something.  I've probable mentioned this many times before, but I hate when "they" say that winning late in the season is the most important.  That's true, but I'm pretty sure that road games in October and November count the same in the W/L column as those later in the year.  Unless there's some sort of weighting scale now that's used.

How about winning early and late in the season is important?

That said, thank goodness we're at home for 4 of the next 5.

8_medium Time has done a lot to heal the heartbreak from the '97 and '98 finals.  But from reading those excerpts from Donaghy's book has to get you and every other fan thinking about what other orders have been handed down if in fact his allegations are true.  moni brought this up in yesterday's DB,

oh, and let's not forget that bavetta/eisley call in the finals...

You'd like to think that nothing happened there, but Donaghy didn't mince words when he said that Bavetta was sent to officiate game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals to make sure it went to a game 7.  If that did happen, and right now I think that it did, then why wouldn't Jordan, of all people, have been given the same treatment?  Not star treatment, but to make sure the biggest ratings star for the NBA would always be there?

4_medium  Seems weird that the Jazz haven't sold out opening night yet.  Granted, it's against the Clippers who aren't a huge draw, but they're cutting upper bowl ticket prices in half and giving away a lot more.

5_medium  Happy Halloween