Boozer for a can of tuna

It drives me nuts, but I do understand why KOC hasn't traded Boozer yet.

I'm not going to trade a 2-time All-Star, a 20-10 threat every night, for a can of tuna!

But here's the thing: They should trade Boozer for a can of tuna. And they should pull a Denver Nuggets and make the trade during the next couple of weeks.

For better or for worse, here's the core--the guys the front office have decided will be "the Jazz" over the next few years:

D-Will, AK-47, Brewer, CJ, Memo, Millsap. So how would trading The Tuna affect these guys right now?

1. AK-47: He gets to play least 1/2 time at PF. He gets more shots. He gets more minutes. He gets happier. A happy AK playing 32 minutes, many at the 4, shooting 10-13 shots per game is worth 16 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals. We all want the old AK-47 back, right? Trade The Tuna and we get him.

2. Millsap: He starts. He plays starter minutes. A starting Millsap is worth 16 points, 10 rebounds, a steal and a block per game plus constant hustle and energy. Still, Millsap isn't quite the post player Boozer is was 3 years ago. Millsap needs some time to still learn and put it together. But he's not going to learn how to do it playing with Price and Maynor because they can't run plays. Wasn't that obvious enough in the Opening night 4th qtr. suckfest? Millsap, more than anyone else, needs to play with D-Will as much as possible, so he can develop the kind of post play he's going to need.

3. Brewer & CJ: More minutes going to AK means more and better backdoor and outlet passes coming from the post, which means Brewer & CJ will get more and better scoring opportunities. Their lives will also become much easier on the defensive end. Think about it. How many high-power scorers play the 2 and 3? How exhausting is it trying to guard these guys when you've got The Tuna backing you up? How much does the team's overall help defense get killed because The Tuna thinks that guarding the paint means yelling "Hey! Memo, help!" when somebody comes in for a layup?

4. D-Will: We've got 3 more years with him. This is year 1. We need this year to figure out what other pieces are needed to make our core work. We need this year to see if any of the core pieces aren't going to work and if major trades need to happen. We need this year to see if Fess and the KOOF are going to be able to play major roles. But we can't see any of it with The Tuna using up 35 minutes a game. Will AK, Memo, and Millsap be able to provide enough rebounding by themselves? We need to find out. Will Fess or the KOOF be able to provide adequate additional rebounding/inside presence? We need to find out. Are CJ and Brewer going to be able to provide enough offense/defense/intelligent play? We need to find out.

We need to find out because if we do, there is enough time to make the necessary changes, to fill in the pieces, and to build a serious championship contender by D-Will's year 3. And if the team is a serious contender, D-Will stays. If the team is a muddle, he leaves. If we keep Boozer, we put off figuring it out and suddenly there will be only 2 years left.

5. The Knick's 2010 1st round pick. Here's the scoop: the Knicks stink. Their pick is going to rock. We get it. What kind of player do we need? Well, there's no way to know unless we let Boozer go now and discover what pieces are missing.

So please, KOC, get rid The Tuna. Waive him. Buy out his contract. Trade him for nobody. Don't you get how much better off the team will be if you were willing to lose him and get nothing in return?

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