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Bad News: No Utah Jazz Game on KJZZ this year

So I've been wondering when the TV schedule for KJZZ and FSN was going to be released.  We already know that there weren't going to be any pre-season Jazz games televised on KJZZ.  Since the schedule hasn't been released yet, I emailed Bob Quigley, the program director at KJZZ to find out when it was going to be released.  If you read the title of this post, you already know how it's going to end,

There will be no games on our station this year. All games will be on FSN Utah.

I have a follow up question in to him to find out why KJZZ won't be carrying any games this year.  I can only imagine it's a financial issue.  Did having to pay the luxury tax cause this?  They weren't broadcasting that many games last year as it was.  I'd like to know how much is being saved by not broadcasting the games.

I never heard from anyone as to why the Jazz didn't broadcast any of the pre-season games.

KJZZ just made a huge investment over the past few years to upgrade their equipment to broadcast games in HD.  They started that for the 2008 playoffs.  Seems like a lot of money just to toss aside now.  Maybe it will be sold off?

Also, the Jazz had the big standoff with DirecTV last year about broadcasting KJZZ.  Any extra value the team though they had there has to be gone now.

And of course what sucks the most is that unless you have cable/satellite, you won't be able to see any Jazz games this year.  No free OTA games this year.

And maybe this is an overreaction, but if the reason is financial, it kind of scares me that they can't broadcast at least as many games as they did last year, which wasn't a lot.

If I hear back from Mr. Quigley or hear something otherwise, I'll post an update.