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The Downbeat - 6 October 2009 - #72 - The Thumb Edition

1_medium CJ will be back in Utah this morning in order to get surgery on his thumb.  When Kirk Hinrich (th @lockedonsports)had a similar issue, he was out for 31 games.  I took a look at his stats, expecting a drop-off, but he was actually about the same when he came back.  Of course Derrick Freakin' Rose had taken his spot, but he played about the same.

It still sucks to see someone that had apparently worked so hard in the off-season to miss the first 2-3 months of the season.

2_medium You've now doubt you've seen this pic by now (BDL and TBJ have it up as well).  Thanks to Michael from Hill and Knowlton for the pic,


8_medium Could tonight's game turn into a Rocky IV type affair?  Everyone will no doubt be rooting for the Bulls because of Deng (I always, always have to say that in a Napoleon Dynamite voice, at least in my head), but could we see the tide shift to Utah later in the game?

"Utah! Utah! Utah! Utah!"

We have Drago on our team, so the parallel isn't too far off.  I guess he plays for the wrong team in this scenario.  Okay, so scratch that.

4_medium So AK, D-Will, and Korver go out on the town and don't get hassled by anyone, but Boozer is signing 30 autographs and taking pictures? Did he and his sister eat at a Nike town restaurant?  Was she wearing a sandwich board to tell people who he was?  Weird.

5_medium  I got nothing today.  Game thread starts at 12:30 MDT.  It will be available on NBA tv. Enjoy.