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The Downbeat - 8 October 2009 - #74 - The Running Of The Jazz Edition

1_medium  So maybe the title would have been more relevant had the Jazz been playing the Bulls in Spain.  Even then, Pamplona is about 5 hours NE of Madrid, so even that might have been a stretch.  Either way, I'm sticking with it.

We'll get to see Comrad Hansen, the local Utah boy who played with the Hawks for a season before heading overseas.  He's part of very good Real Madrid team that should make for a good game.

Too bad we didn't get to see Raul Lopez.

2_medium  CJ Miles seems to be in better spirits.  Deron said that he had been pretty down.  But it looks like all of the well-wishes on Facebook and Twitter have really buoyed him.

We need him back soon.

Also, I read that his NBA Live 10 ranking is below Fess and the KOOF.  Is that true?

8_medium  In case you don't follow me on Twitter and have missed the news, the Jazz will be holding an open scrimmage to the public.  It's next Tuesday, the 11th at the ESA.  Doors open at 6:30.

Because these have always been in Boise, I'm not sure what the player availability is like and what else to expect.  Maybe someone who has attended can shed some light?

4_medium  HoopsHype has a great interview with Ronnie B.  Click through to read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt about him talking about his contract extension. The Jazz have until the end of the month to get something done,

You have the possibility of signing a contract extension this month. How different is the season going to be for you having a new contract as opposed to going through the year without one?

RB: I prepare myself either way. You put the work in during summer time and get ready in the preseason. And when the regular season comes, you approach it like any other season. It’s not a lot of pressure. You just got to play basketball, perform well and hope for the best.

But you know, there’s guys out there, for example Andrea Bargnani, who was in your same draft class… He really has not played better than you in NBA and has already signed his extension. How do you feel when something like that happens?

RB: I think guys have different options in different situations. I can’t really focus on what other people are doing. I mean, doing that you’re always come with the short end of the stick sometimes. Like I said, you have to focus on how you can help this team out, play well and hopefully get that extension.

Are you optimistic it’s going to happen for you this month?

RB: Yeah, I hope it does. But it’s not the end of the world. Life still goes on. I can still step on the court, prove myself and compete on a playoff contender team. I like options.

5_medium Another day of gameday basketball. The game thread goes up at 12 MDT.  Follow online or on NBA tv.  Man, it's great to have basketball back in swing.