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The Downbeat - 9 October 2009 - #75 - The Diamond Edition

1_medium Just a couple of notes after looking at the box score and watching highlights from yesterday's game against Real Madrid.

  • Listening to Locke yesterday, the bigs dominated on the inside.  Real Madrid really didn't have anyone to stop them.  The biggest advantage was on the boards where the Jazz out-rebounded Madrid 41-23.
  • Ronnie P couldn't go yesterday so Maynor split minutes with Deron, playing 24 each.  Deron has 16 & 5 in that time.  Maynor didn't shoot as well, but did have 7 assists in his time on the court.

    At this point, Maynor is looking like one of the steals of the draft.  In the few highlights I've seen of him, he's looked very comfortable and poised.   And we all know what it's like for rookies under Sloan.  He and Price could be a good mix in the backcourt.
  • Next game is at home v. the Blazers Thursday night at the ESA.  Then it's off to finish the pre-season on the road.

2_medium Looks like the tweeting hasn't slowed down for Miles.  Either he's typing it all with one hand, entirely possible, or this is another reason why it's great to have an entourage.  

"Okay, okay...  Tweet this foor me...  Heading to the gym to get some workouts in before breakfast.  Then it's off to play with my bois...  Man, I'm going to be starvin after that.  Wait, is that more than 140 characters?    You can't have more than 140 characters!  Damn, click on the shrink it button.  No that one.  Give me that, I'll do it myself."

UPDATE: Looks like he his just using one hand.

8_medium I'd like to do some player previews this year with help from the SLC Dunk community.  Email me directly if you're interested,  I'd like to start them up next week, so let me know.  I'll post something again for those that might not have caught the DB today.  Let me know who you'd like.  If more than one person wants to do a player, you can do a collborative effort, or I'll promote both.

4_medium The team should be home or touching down soon.  It's a good thing that the next game isn't until Thursday.

While I think that an NBA team overseas would be well-supported, the logistics would be a nightmare.  As it currently stands, you play teams in your own conference four times mostly, two home and two away.  Outside of that, you play teams in the other conference on a home and home basis.

There's no problem with getting teams there on time, but if you're not in their conference, is it worth all the flying time and time change just to play one game?  The reverse it true as well.  There are a lot of back-to-backs in the NBA.  You couldn't do that with a European or Asian team.  They'd almost have to have 5 and 6 game home-stands throughout the season.  But then you have 5-6 teams making the trip there every week.

I just don't see how teams from either side handle the time change.  I travel one time zone over and I'm wasted.

They'd almost have to expand with 4 teams or so and schedule Euro trips for teams just to make it worthwhile.  And if you think the Jazz are bad on their 5-game east coast swings...

5_medium  Some news coming on the whole KJZZ thing.  Waiting to see if I get a response from a couple of people before posting anything.  Stay tuned.