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The Downbeat - 10 November 2009 - #97 - The Defensive Leader Is ??? Edition

1_mediumI'm watching the game this morning and will have something up on it later.  I was listening on radio and got home in time to watch the final 6 minutes.  That sounds familiar...

Barry talked about this on NBA tv last night, but he spoke about Memo's comments after the game where Okur said they played D well all night except for the final 10 minutes.  Barry said something to the effect of, "Uh, Memo, we need to have a talk about this."

2_medium  This is completely implausible, but for a discussion point, it looks like Iverson might be retiring.  To me, that's crazy.  It almost seems like he's getting blackballed out of the league.  Surely he's a fit on some team.  His beef seems to be with not starting.  Understandable.

Even if the Jazz were able to get him for free, would he be worth it?  Is he a cancer in the locker room?  He is a scorer, something the Jazz don't have.  He doesn't seem like he would fit in the system though.  He is a vet though.  So purely for speculative and a talking point, would you want him on the Jazz?

8_medium  With American Thanksgiving coming up, is there anything to be thankful for on this team?

4_medium Your top 3 FG% leaders for the Jazz:

Fesenko: 65%

Matthews: 55%

Millsap: 50%

And your 2009-10 3p% leader?  Andrei Kirilenko with 47%.  What the what?

5_medium And this is a bit of a cheat for the DB, but here are your defensive ratings leaders for 2010 so far.  This is the points they give up per 100 possessions:

Kosta Koufos:  96

Carlos Freakin' Boozer: 105

So is the rest of the team that bad?