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The Downbeat - 11 November 2009 - #98 - The Thin at PG Edition

1_medium  Could get ugly tonight in Boston.  Doesn't look like D-Will is going to playPrice is out.  Rondo vs. Maynor is not good.

2_medium I've got the All-star voting widget on your immediate right.  It's really easy to use.  You don't even have to leave to vote.

Another tip, you don't have to select all spots to vote.  Just click on the Jazz men and cast your vote.  Remember to text and vote from different PCs/mobile devices, etc.

8_medium  Is it weird that I get concerned if D-Will hasn't tweeted that day?

4_medium  CJ Miles sans cast.  Pretty chill.  "I got this."


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5_medium  You know, maybe it's best that we could be missing so many people tonight against Boston.  Maybe they'll channel some 2004 vibe?  They've been known to have big games, like against the Lakers a couple years back, when some big players have been out.  Maybe we actually see a team effort tonight?

If all else fails, unleash Fess and the KOOF.