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The Downbeat - 12 November 2009 - #99 - The Green with Envy Edition

1_medium  Have to be concerned about this.


2_medium  Ross Siler reiterated my point,

For the first time this season, it seems worth a reminder that Williams is only under contract to the Jazz for three seasons, including this one. It would be quite a waste to squander one such season, especially with Williams at or nearing his prime at age 25.

If they're just content to let Boozer's contract come off the books then this team is even more messed up then I thought.

8_medium  So the Jazz finish out the road trip tomorrow night in Philly and then the next night in Cleveland.  Maybe we'll get to see some more Fess?

4_medium  There's no doubt that Deron is the leader of the team.  However, I do think that he needs someone else to help out.  We're not getting that from Boozer.  We had a bit of a co-leader when Fisher was here.  But I would like to see another big name vet that can come in and help take a bit of the pressure off of D-Will.

5_medium  We can't just expect things to turn around without some major shakeups.  We all know that this is the same team we've had for the past three years.  They've never been a great defensive team but they had that little bit of magic that could come through in the clutch or come up with the big play.  There heads have been hanging for the past 9 months.  We haven't seen that.

I listed the top 5 responsible parties before.  I still think that's the order it should go in, but if things are going to turn around, all of them have to make changes.  The FO is going to have to make a change in the way they approach things.  The players are going to have to decide that they're going to have to do the best with what they have until something changes.  Sloan has got to look at changing the way he does things.  There's no magic bullet here.

And maybe that's the problem.  It's going to take an organizational effort to get the team back on the right track and right now it doesn't look like anyone is going to do anything.