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The Downbeat - 13 November 2009 - #100 - The Centennial Edition

100 dollar bills y'all
100 dollar bills y'all

1_medium  Well, I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 100.  Yet here it is.  This is as equally surprising as me sticking with blogging for more than two month when I started.

If I'm going to break Cal Ripkens streak of 2,632 consecutive starts, I figured I'll break that in roughly 11 years.  See you in 2020 for the big celebration.  It's at my house and you'll all be invited.

2_medium Random - I was looking at the Jazz Wikipedia page and clicking on links.  I saw that David Locke is on there now.  So I clicked through to see what it said (and to see if any of the changes were linked to Jazz IP addresses :) ) and here's what you get...

UPDATE (the Jazz wikipedia page no longer points to the wrong locke page.  My link above though shows where it went to)

8_medium So given today's events, Eric Maynor will be making his first start along with Wes Matthews in the backcourt.  I wonder how many minutes Maynor will see.  25?

4_medium So will we see lineup changes (Millsap for Boozer) tonight other than the backcourt?  Seems like a bad time to turnover 3/5 of the starters.

5_medium I guess this could have been the Friday the 13th edition.  Or a Memo-themed edition.  Either way, it's Friday (goooood) and despite the current quagmire, the Jazz are playing tonight.  Maybe it's like how mothers' memory of childbirth fades over time and that's why I keep watching the Jazz this season.