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Game Thread & Preview - Utah Jazz @ Cleveland Cavaliers

We're going to have to see at least the same performance tonight from the Jazz that we saw last night against the 76ers if we're going to have a shot in this one.

For a team that we only see once a year, I really don't like the Cavs.  I think the biggest reason is because of LeBron James.  No question on the basketball court he is the top player in the league.

But I think he has a serious god-complex and he gets the biggest star treatment in the league since Kobe and Jordan.  The latest proof is his recent campaign to get players to give up wearing #23 in honor of Jordan.  James has said he will start wearing #6 next season.  So does he think he's 2 X 3 better than Jordan?  Maybe he's trying to help the Cavs raise enough cash to keep him?  Or will the #6 be a sign of his breakaway from the Cavs to his new team?  Maybe a new 6-year deal?  Either way, it's pretty conceited.  Here's a list of the current players wearing #23,

Stephen Graham Bobcats
C.J. Watson Warriors
Marcus Camby Clippers
Jodie Meeks Bucks
Devin Brown Hornets
Toney Douglas Knicks
B.J. Mullens Thunder
Lou Williams 76ers
Jason Richardson Suns
Martell Webster Trail Blazers
Kevin Martin Kings
Wes Matthews Jazz


He could probably buy most of them out.

Anyway, back to the game at hand.  Deron looks like he is still out and by all means he should take as long as needed to make sure things are stable with his family first.

So we'll see a similar lineup and rotation to last night except that with Shaq and Z, we'll probably see Fess play more than 2 minutes tonight.

This is a much more talented team by far than we saw in Philadelphia.  So those passes are going to have to be a bit crisper and the defense a little bit tougher.

Hopefully Maynor and Matthews keep up their stellar play.  It will be up to AK and Brewer to slow LeBron down a bit.  And maybe Fess will have the game of his life to date.

One last question, has Cleveland lost the right to boo Boozer?  Is that just reserved for Jazz fans now?

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