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The Downbeat - 17 November 2009 - #102 - The Colonscopic Edition

1_medium I didn't get any comments on the title of the Downbeat yesterday, "The 5 Edition." It was just a bit of geeky humor based on the it being #101.

2_medium So when KK does come back, will Boozer decline again?

8_medium Good to see that Deron was back at practice yesterday. He stated that he plans on playing Wednesday. Not sure if he would be playing if the games weren't at home. Good nonetheless though because while we didn't learn what his daughter's condition is, things are stable enough where he could be at practice.

4_medium It's poll week here at SLCDunk. Well, not officially, I just like the polls for some reason so far. The Jazz are home for 11 of the next 14 games. The road games are @SA, @LAL, and @MIN. How many wins do the Jazz get over the next 14? Vote below.

5_medium Yesterday, I tweeted this in response to @lockedonsports tweet about Sloan getting a colonscopy,

Not the visual I needed this morning. RT @Lockedonsports: Jerry sloan out today prescheduled colonoscopy.

Now from Luhm this morning, I kind of feel a bit bad,

Sloan underwent a routine colonoscopy that had been delayed because of his knee replacement surgery last summer.

Normally an extremely private person, Sloan authorized the team's public relations department to tell reporters the specific reason for his absence because he wants to encourage others to do the same.

Sloan's first wife, Bobbye, died of pancreatic cancer in 2004.

I have to admit I was completely surprised when they shared this about Sloan. Didn't seem very like the team or him. Now we know why.

I've got mine schedule for this afternoon.