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Preview - Toronto Raptors @ Utah Jazz

I mean, look at those things.
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I mean, look at those things. via


If the Jazz were to ever change the team name (not that I want to, Jazz it what it is), but I would prefer the Raptors.  Think about it, we already have Utah Raptors.  They're pretty tough.  There's a cool comic featuring a Utah Raptor.  There's another cool comic that hates raptors.

Of course, there's that pesky team in the north that already has that name.  Which brings us to tonight.

I hope you're ready to see defense of epic proportions.  Toronto is giving up 108 points a game compared to Utah who is giving up 101 points.  The way things go, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer will both have 50 points since they have to guard each other.

Toronto has given up games of 115, 125, 129, 131, and 130.  Yikes.  What is so freakin' weird is that they have almost that many games on the other end of the scale.  They've also given up 91, 90, 89, and 89 point games.  With a couple of exceptions, it's feast or famine.  Most of the teams that have scorched them would be considered good teams.  Most of the low-point games are against teams that aren't good or play at a slower pace.

With the pace the Jazz play, we could see a Jazz score in the 120s.  This is the kind of game the league loves to promote except that it's being played in Utah against Toronto (though Toronto isn't a small market).

So what are your predictions for the game?  How many points?

Also, since @chrisbosh is in town, go to and bug him to re-tweet to vote for Deron.  Look on for the tweet to RT.

Game Thread at 6:30

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