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The Downbeat - 19 November 2009 - #104 - The Ukrainian Thief Edition

1_medium Fesenko's steal in the first quarter of last night's game could be the greatest thing I have ever seen. In case you didn't see it, he was guarding Bosh out near the three-point line and anticipated the pass coming to Bosh.

With the most elegant clumsiness you could imagine, he tipped the ball away, tipped the ball back to himself as he was running by, and drove the length of the floor for a three-step layup.


2_medium Thanks for the submissions on the poll yesterday. Got some great responses. I'll be putting them up later.

8_medium San Antonio has been hurting and have only a 4-5 record, just percentage points behind the Jazz right now. They do this every year though. They start out slow, everyone says they're finally done, and then the end up as the 2 or 3 seed. They'll be there at the end.

It will be nice then to beat them early in the season when they're down. We play them again on the 7th of December and then again in January. Hopefully we'll be able to take 3 from them.

4_medium So what do you think about Iverson heading to the Knicks? Does he help them get some wins or does he turn things into an even bigger disaster?

5_medium The poll week goes on. Simple question today. How many wins will we get against SA this year? We have the one already.