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The Downbeat - 2 November 2009 - #91 - The 0-3 (fact) Edition

1_medium  Thanks to Ross Siler for bringing some attention to the VoteDeron project.  He spoke to Deron about it and I talked to him a bit on Saturday.  Here's what Deron had to say,

"I like it," Williams said Saturday. "Help me out. I need to be in there." Having been passed over for the All-Star Game the last three seasons, Williams joked, "I need a miracle, I guess."

One part he left out was that I said I thought maybe we could garner some of the Yao Ming vote since he'll be out all season.  We need those kind of numbers for a shot.


2_medium  Crazy season so far.  Outside of Boston and Orlando, nothing else has gone to plan for a lot of teams.

LA hasn't looked good so far.  Phoenix is back to the run and gun and gun and gun.  They look like they could score 130 with ease.  Chicago gets a big win against SA and then gets blown out by Boston. Cleveland started out 0-2.  I imagine we'll see things start evening out in a month or so though.

8_medium  I'm pulled as to putting up a Knicks record tracker.  It's no doubt going to be huge for this franchise.  On the other hand, it seems like it would be kicking them when they're down.  We don't really have anything against NY and no rivalry.  But maybe this will be the end of the Isiah Thomas era for them and they can finally look forward to something next season.

That's not even mentioning the huge jinx it would be to put something like that up.  They would probably make the 8th spot in the East because of it.

However, if we lose there on the east coast swing coming up, all bets are off.

4_medium  November will come in like a lion and leave like a lamb.  We have 3 of the first 4 at home, but we're at Dallas and have SA.  After a four-game east-coast swing, we have a quickie at home with Toronto before heading to San Antonio to see if we can get a W there before the 2000s are up.

Then it's home for 6 over the Thanksgiving holiday.

And don't even look at December.

5_medium  Some home video of Wes Matthews' first game at Denver