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Recap - Houston Rockets @ Utah Jazz - L - 113 - 96

Lex Luthor just walked into the Fortress of Solitude and blew it up.  And nobody on the team did anything to stop them.

I commented twice in the game thread (don't look unless you're feeling good and need a downer) that I couldn't believe we were winning at the half and after the first quarter.  Now we know why.  They shouldn't have been winning at all with the way they played.

Maybe time has dimmed my memory, but this game seemed even more embarrassing than the GS game last year.  I haven't seen anything so uninspired in at least... two games.

The Jazz need a makeover, now.  We can't wait for things to happen or wait to see how things fall when Korver and CJ come back.  December is too late.  Next week is too late.  I really don't think this is an overreaction.  How long before we're hearing, "It's early, we're only 25 games into the season.  CJ and Korver will be back soon."

We're one good fourth quarter from being 0-3.

Boozer just doesn't look like he has it.  What the hell happened?  While his character and defense have been rightly criticized, his offense has never been a concern.  His jumper has not fallen at all.  There's really no explanation for it.  His value declines with every clang and airball.  Maybe Greg Miller appearing on KSL sporting his Boozer jersey was the dreaded vote of confidence.

You name it and the Rockets beat us in it.  We got killed on the boards by a team that had nobody that could start center on the local JV team.  We couldn't guard a three.  They were out-assisted.  We were out-played in ever facet of the game.

Greg Miller talked about allocating an unprecedented amount of money towards the team on opening night in hopes of bringing hope a championship.  Well, that's not happening with the team as constituted.

So how about doing something else unprecedented and go out and make something happen instead of waiting for things to happen?  We have plenty of trade pieces and expiring contracts.  Get something done.

And now we're off to Dallas tomorrow night where we all know how we play on the back end of a back to back - on the road.

This has all the makings of the Orlando road game last year.