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What would Utah Jazz fans give up for a championship?

Just how much would Jazz fans give up to secure a championship for the team?  I asked that question a few days ago and here are the responses I got. Some would give up quite a bit and other maybe not as much.  Maybe it's like the widow's mite though and that's all they have.

Feel free to add yours in the comments.

Thanks to everyone that participated.

  1. clarkpojo
    "I would give up any player on the Jazz in the offseason and the Knicks pick"
  2. Juan B
    "I'd have a vasectomy (not entirely altruistic--long night with my 3 boys keeping me up last night. Vasectomy has been on my mind)"
  3. AllThatJazzBasketball
    "I'd give up eating meat, (Ed. Note: not sure I can print the rest)"
  4. Taivo
    "Anyone who does not live in Utah in the offseason. Anyone who has purchased a home in our state should be immune to trades." - Not sure where they're going with this one.
  5. Neff
    "My wife"
  6. bantic
    "Anything, really. Happily trade Deron or anyone else."
  7. UtesFan89
    "Soda. Maybe. Well, I'd try."
  8. savagechickens
    "My COORS LIGHT but only if the mountains have dimmed from that brilliant blue to a cold (but warm???) gray..."
  9. murderousmalone
    "A lifetime of happiness"
  10. Guybrush
    "My memories of watching the Jazz win game 3 of the '97 NBA finals in person at the Delta Center"
  11. bucimislover
    "sbnation" - Don't know if he means that in a good way or not.