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Preview - Detroit Pistons @ Utah Jazz

Deeeeeeeetrooooooit Basketball hasn't been quite the same this year.  They lost Rasheed Wallace and brought back Ben Wallace.  They may or may not have been going after Boozer depending on who you talk to and instead signed Be Gordon.  His signing effectively ended any pursuit of Boozer due to salary cap issues as Boozer was looking for more than what they had left.

They've also had their share of injuries to key players with Richard Hamilton being injured in the first game of the yearTayshaun Prince has also been out.

They're pretty inconsistent when it comes to scoring.  Having two of your better players out will do that for you.  They're averaging around 92 points a game.  They're inconsistent at best though.  They rarely score around 92 points.  It's either mid-eighties or around 100.

They allow an almost identical 92 points per game as well.  Right now, they're middle of the pack defensively.  They do hold opponents to pretty low fields goal percentages. Even their opponents scores are inconsistent.  They either allow around 100 points or they're holding them to the low eighties.  At least they're consistently inconsistent on both ends of the ball.

For the Jazz to win tonight, and they should, they need to get out to a fast start and put some pressure on Detroit to score.  Right now, and even with Prince and Hamilton, they're not built to score a lot of points.  So while the Jazz have had too many games where they build a huge lead only to give it up, the Detroit offense isn't going to be able to do that on most nights.

What they will do though is play good D and if they're close late in the game, they could pull out a win.  The Jazz aren't going to be able to take a lot of jumpers tonight and expect to have a good chance to win.  They're going to have to move the ball and get a lot of assists.

Let's hope the Jazz play their game and not play to the pace that the Pistons want them to.  And look out for this guy

Game Thread coming at 6:45

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