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Game Thread & Preview - Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz


So if the season is a marathon, you can't really say that OKC is breathing down our neck. Right now, everyone is still relatively packed. The Thunder though are just a 1/2 game back of the Jazz right now and could hang around a lot longer this season.

They're tough on D being ranked 7th in the league in defensive efficiency. They've alternates wins and losses over their last 5 games with the last one a loss @LAL. Let's hope the trend doesn't continue.

All of their losses have come against the top teams in the league save for Ls to the Kings and Clippers. Even then, the loss to the Kings was when Sac. was playing really well. The Clippers can be a pretty good team. They've also beaten the Magic, the Heat, and the Spurs. This team is just on the cusp of becoming a very good team. As they gain another year of experience, they're going to be trouble. They're just another reason why the NW division could become the best in the league. Of course there's Minnesota, but they've had a lot of injuries.

The Jazz will have Memo return tonight to give the Jazz a little depth. Although, they have been playing well without him. Hopefully Yeliz has that baby soon.

Enjoy the game and be thinking of me watching badly animated werewolves.