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The Downbeat - 25 November 2009 - #108 - The Actors Are Terrible Edition

1_medium I was prepared to write how painful it was to see the performance last night in New Moon, but it looks like everyone that watched the Jazz game last night was in even more pain than I was.  And to think I thought about trying to swing New Moon first and then the Jazz game.  That could have ended my life.

2_medium  I don't know what the official numbers are, but the ESA seems like a ghost town.  The Jazz have never had problems filling the ESA even during whiteouts.

Even during the lean years I don't remember it being so lifeless.  I jump at any chance I get to go to a Jazz game.  Yet when I was buying the tickets for the Bulls game, I thought, "Am I just going to be wasting my money on this?"  Home games at the Delta Center/ESA have been almost automatic.  Now here I am half-tempted to not go?  I think that a lot of fans probably feel the same way.  Even when the team was suppose to be the worst in the league, I lived further away and still would go.  This should never happen!

The Jazz may be holding on to Boozer for financial reasons primarily, but I have to think that keeping him and/or the lack of activity from the FO to spark some life into this team might be costing the Jazz.

8_medium It's hard to be patient when there's so obviously a need for a change.  This team has always prided itself on stability.  But there are times when some risk is needed to ensure stability.  This is one of those times.

We didn't trade for Korver until the end of December of 2007 and the team still went on to win 54 games.  They went on a crazy 32-18 streak after that.  The only difference then was that at this point in the season, we were 10-5 and 13 & 5 through Dec 3 of that year.  We then proceeded to go 4-11 to finish out the month.  That left us at 17 & 16 to finish out the year.

We're 7-7 now.  If we have a similar December as in 2007, we're in trouble.  This team has too much talent and too much payroll to be playing .500 ball.

If you haven't looked at next month's schedule, it's pretty brutal.  Spurs, 2 games against the Lakers and Magic, @ the Heat & Hawks and @ OKC.

This could get ugly.

4_medium  I have to think that Boozer's value can't be much higher than right now.  I don't know if there's any buyers at this point.  Isn't he about due to blow something out?

5_medium Because you need something to cheer you up.  Go read C&H the rest of the day.