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The Downbeat - 3 November 2009 - #92 - The Morning After Edition

1_medium How do you like the new  All of the SBNation sites were given a facelift. It's a lot cleaner and fresh.  There weren't any major changes, but it's amazing how a fresh coat of paint can give the site a new dynamic.

See Greg Miller, it doesn't take much change to give things a new and improved look.

2_medium moni put it perfectly,

Lest anyone accuse of me overreacting and point out that it’s only been three games, I must explain that it’s not just been three games, but more like 30 in a continuation of last season.

This sure seems like the same team that fizzled out the last two months of the season.

8_medium  Scary thought is that the Jazz have a very real chance of going just 1-6 over their next 7.  They're in Dallas tonight and have two at home against the Spurs the Kings.  Then it's 4 in a row on the east coast.  How does 2-8 sound?

What happens if we are 2-8?  I don't think most of us have ever seen the team start that badly.  Even the 2005 team that won just 26 games started out 7-3.  7-3 for that team?  Whoa.  Anyway, there could be rioting outside the ESA if it got to that point.  Let's hope something gets done before then.  Again, let's make sure something doesn't happen and not wait to see what happens.

4_mediumSo who do we need to get?  A shooter?  A defensive big?  A veteran enforcer?  Karl Malone?

5_medium   Some t-shirt ideas that are coming...  let me know what you think

  • You can't handle the KOOF!
  • One of KK
  • Buckle Up
  • Ninja
  • "What do you mean there's no jazz in Utah?  We've had Jazz for over 30 years."