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The Downbeat - 30 November 2009 - #111 - The No Memo/Turkey Jokes? Edition

1_medium  So the Jazz would like to know if you would like to see classic Jazz games on KJZZ.  Glad they're finally following through on my idea :),

Do away with all of the crappy sitcom reruns, judge shows, talk shows, etc. and become true to your namesake. Run nothing but Jazz games. Think of it as an ESPN Classic for the Jazz.

The Jazz have 30+ years of regular season games, playoffs, Rocky Mountain Revues, etc. in addition to the current games being played.  You're not going to run out of material any time soon.  There's so much content that no one will even notice when you finally start over.

Click on this link to take the survey to let them know what you think.  I wish the options for what decade you would like to see would include an all of the above option though.

2_medium  Some other teams have revealed alternate uniforms for this season and have had a jersey reveal of sorts.  I found out from the Jazz that there won't be a reveal before the December 7 game when they will bust out the green alternates.

According to the Jazz, they haven't received the jerseys yet.  Maybe they could have an auction on the game worn jerseys with the proceeds going to a charity?

8_medium I'm going to start writing a lot more single-sentence previews.  I stated in the game thread/preview for Portland,

Let's hope the Jazz keep up the good passing.

The Jazz responded with a season-high 36 assists.  The  Jazz are now 9-3 when they get at least 23 assists.  There's no bigger indicator that the Jazz are executing their offense than this number. 

They're also 5-0 when #5 gets at least 5 assists.  They're 6-1 when he gets at least 4.  In fact, since the 2008 season, the Jazz are 14-3 when he gets at least 5 assists.

4_medium  Excellent highlight recap from Spencer at The Utah Jazz Blog.  If you missed the game against Portland,

5_medium What's your perfect leftover Thanksgiving sandwich?