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The Downbeat - 6 November 2009 - #95 - The 4 p.m. Dinner Edition

1_medium Well, dock me two points from my Jazz fan card.  Last night, I was chatting away in the game thread and we went into the half-time break.  Went upstairs to get some snacks and came back down ready to go again for the last half of the game.  That's the last thing I remember before I woke up to Charles Barkley going on about something.   That's right, I passed out for the second half of the best game of the year so far.  I didn't realize how taxing that Dallas game was on me I guess.

Anyway, that's why I didn't get a recap up.  I'll watch the second half tonight and have something then provided that I can stay awake longer than Morty Seinfeld.

2_medium A quick hit from what I did see though.  Wes Matthews' play has been great.  We're getting some huge contributions from him right now.  I think I'm most impressed with his poise.  What more could you have asked from him?  

Now, I'll probably get some hate mail on this, especially from Danielle, but if he keeps this up, does that make Korver expendable?  He's already an expiring contract and will be coming back from surgery.  As much as I love KK, if he helps bring a player that helps the Jazz somewhere they have a whole, I'd be all for it.

8_medium From Deron's tweet last night,

A lot more fun when we win! All it took was 48 min! Now I can stop being a craby patty as my daughters would say….. Now make it 2 in a row

First, what's wrong with a "craby" patty?  They're delicious.  Second, let's make it several in a row so that we can show we win on the road.

4_medium So what does it take for the Jazz to make the NBA's top 10 (5)?  They're the only one of two games on the night.  As much as they wanted to just show all LeBron James highlights, they felt they had to squeeze a couple in there for the Jazz

5_medium I'll write more about this when I finally get a recap up of the game 24 hours later, but give credit where credit is due.  Booze had a heck of a game last night.  And whether you want him traded or kept with the team, this is the kind of game you wanted him to have.

The most impressive part was his hustle (that's right, I said it) and D on Timmy.  He had three steals and a couple of jump balls. 

Is all forgiven now?  No.  But this type of performance is the best for everyone's interests.