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The Downbeat - 9 November 2009 - #96 - The Big Apple Today Takes the Injuries Away Edition

1_medium Korver and Miles are set to visit the doctor this morning for  their respective injuries.  Miles should be getting his cast off and Korver will be having his knee re-evaluated.  Though I'm sure there are plenty of women along the Wasatch Front that would have given him a free evaluation.

Anyway, since we have nothing to look forward to as far as a trade or other moves, getting these two back is about as much as we're going to get.  Not that I'm not excited to get them back, but is it going to be too little, too late for the season?

2_medium  The team is of course in NYC today.  I wonder how much of their road woes has to do with playing in a small market like Utah.  Salt Lake is a great place to live and work, etc.  But playing in places like NY, LA, and Boston must harden you a bit.  As much criticism as the Jazz have received this year, imagine if these same players and expectations were in a big market.  In Salt Lake, you have a couple of newspapers that might say something whereas in a big market, there are dozens.

So when the Jazz play on the road, maybe the bright lights and pressure of playing in a big market affects them a bit?  So when those that are used to playing in a a bigger spotlight go on the road, suddenly San Antonio or Phoenix or most everywhere else doesn't seem that big.

8_medium  I couldn't bring myself to watch the Kings game.  I shouldn't have checked in at all with the scores and the game thread.  I did watch the last 6 minutes where the Jazz put up their typical tease and make it seem like they could come back, but deep down you knew it wasn't going to happen.

4_medium If the Jazz lose tonight, it will be 2-3X as maddening.  One, they would have lost to a terrible team, again.  Second, if they're going to pick up a road win on this trip, NY or Philly would be their best bets.  Though, they did beat Boston a couple years back.  And most importantly, if they drop one to the Knicks, they're shooting themselves in the foot in regards to the 2010 pick next season.  It would suck to have the Knicks make the playoffs by one game.

5_medium  I haven't seen any word on it yet, but All-star voting should be starting this week if you look to when it started last season.  I'll be covering it more on, but get your clickers ready.