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Preview - Utah Jazz @ NY Knicks

How sad are the state of affairs of the Jazz when I will be doing back flips if we win this game tonight?  This is a New York team that should be finishing at the bottom of not only the eastern conference, but the league. 

We shouldn't have any problem scoring as they give up some of the most points in the league  right now.  They're ranked 24th in the league in defensive efficiency.

The bad news?  Guess who ranks 25th?  You don't even need three guesses.

As I mentioned in the Downbeat, this is one of only a couple of games where the team controls their own fate of that first-round pick next season.

That's not going to be what they're playing for primarily, but that pick could be a fra nchise changer.  It seems to be that you have to have a couple of those types of guys on your team to compete for a title in today's NBA.

So how do the Jazz win tonight?  First, put on some blinders so that they can't see the sidelines and look up into the crowd.  Second, please don't let Lee have a big game.  And really, it isn't even Lee I'm worried about.  I'm more worried about someone like Gallinari or Chandler going off for 40.  Or heaven forbid Larry Hughes.

I don't care if we get out of their with a 139-138, just so long as it's in the W column.  Get the W and get the heck out of Dodge.

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