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The Downbeat - 10 December 2009 - #119 - The Je Ne Sais Quois Edition

1_medium  The Jazz had 12 assists in the first half last night against the Lakers.  How many in the second?  4.  Of course all of those came in the third quarter as neither (can't believe I had to use neither there instead of none) of the Jazz FGs in the fourth were assisted.

Those four assists in the fourth though should have indicated something bad was going on.  That would only equate to 16 assists for a game which is about 10 off we they normally are.  The Jazz completely abandoned their offense.  Give credit to the Lakers for stepping up the D but you could see that the Jazz stopped moving and making good passes.

2_medium Overlooked last night was a good game from CJ Miles.  He was a large reason why the Jazz were able to take a lead in the second quarter.  He was 6-12 shooting overall and was 4-5 in the first half for 10 points.  Let's hope he's returning to his pre-season form.

Wes Matthews had one of his worst games of the year missing all of his three-point attempts and just 2-12 overall.

8_medium  So how does everyone indoctrinate (or plan to) their kids into becoming Jazz fans?  Strapping them to a chair and taping their eyes open?

Do you think that the current team will attract new fans like the teams of the late 80s and 90s did?

4_medium  Just realized that I'm older than everyone on the Jazz team.  I thought Harpring was older, but no.  Cripes.  Also, CJ Miles is just a few months older than Eric Maynor.  Weird stuff when you starting looking at ages.

5_medium  Speaking of youngsteres, Morris Almond is back in the DLeague with the Springfield Armor.  Good to see him still playing, but I don't think he was a big loss.  He may not have been given much opportunity with the Jazz, but he wasn't able to crack a spot with the Magic or Knicks either.  The economy and 2010 free agent market may have played a factor in him not getting a deal, but if you can play, teams will have a need for you.  Hopefully he can improve his game and catch on with a team.