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The Downbeat - 11 December 2009 - #120 - The Let's Get Together, Ya, Ya, Ya, Edition

1_medium It's almost time for "It's not lame, it the 10 days of Christmas."  I know you've been waiting with ba(i)ted breath.  They'll run M-F for the next two weeks with the final one on Christmas day.

2_medium  I hope Fess is well enough to go against LA tomorrow night.  We need his length.  I just don't know why he's not getting more PT.  Sloan has favored a Boozer and Millsap lineup when Memo is out.  

Fess is having a good year.  He's shooting almost 60%, has a PER of 14.2 (15 is an average NBA player), his foul rate is down from previous years, and he has an offensive rating of 118 which ranks him up towards the top of the list for centers.

8_medium I don't know if or what question proceeded this statement from Boozer, so I don't know if he was asked about playing with Howard or what.  But this is too close to the radio stunts he was playing over the summer,

Now, Utah Jazz star forward Carlos Boozer has followed suit, saying he’d love to play alongside of Howard, his closest friend in the NBA.


``You got that big fella down there on defense because he covers up a lot of mistakes for you when he’s as active as he is,’’ said Boozer, who was in the Magic locker room after Thursday’s game to chat with Howard. ``Everybody in the league would like to be on the same team as Superman.’’

I'll give him a pass on this one unless he just brought it up out of the blue.  Can't imagine even he would this time.

4_medium Can the ESA mock the Laker fans that show up tomorrow night somehow?  Like have someone take a photo of a lot of them when they come in the doors and then put them on the jumbo tron in some embarrassing fashion?  If a couple of Laker buddies come to the game, pay off one of them to do a WWF-type betrayal and put on a Jazz jersey on his friend?  Can we put a tariff on Laker fans that buy tickets?  Maybe put a disclaimer on the ticket that reads "I swear my eternal soul to the Utah Jazz"? 

We need to do something.  I do not like the Laker fans there and I want them to be as uncomfortable as possible.  I wish we could get some Spectrum-like chants going at the ESA.

5_medium So it's probably time to to get serious about having an SLC Dunk night out at a Jazz game. We've discussed it in the past a bit.  But aren't we long overdue for a face to face meeting for an internet friendship?  No need to send me a pic though.

I'd like to do something in addition to just getting a group together for a game.  I'd like to do a little charity work with it.  I was thinking along the lines of everyone buying at least one extra ticket to donate to some organization for kids or something along those lines.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.

So click through (it's a bit long because of how Google embeds stuff) to fill out a questionnaire and we'll start there.