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Preview/Game Thread - Los Angeles Lakers @ Utah Jazz

<strong>Kobe Blows</strong>

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Kobe Blows via www.nba.com

Not too much more to say since we just played them a couple of days ago. Here's my preview from that.

The updates are mostly injuries. Kobe Bryan injured a finger on his shooting hand against Minnesota but returned to the game to play. He's expected to play tonight.

We could see Price AND Korver AND AK return tonight. How crazy would that be? Price has already said he's suiting up while Korver and AK seem to be game-time decisions. In order of likelihood of suiting up it look like we would start with Price, then Korver, then AK. Siler has all the updates.

The past couple of years including the playoffs the Jazz have almost always had three good quarters against the Lakers but have been atrocious in one quarter that does them in. It's been the first quarter in a lot of cases and of course Wednesday's historically bad collapse.

Maybe I should have renamed this blog CanOnlyPlay36minutes.com. It goes without saying that the Jazz will have to play 48 minutes to get the job done tonight.

Remember when Kobe sucked in the playoffs? Those were the days. I'll relish those airballs forever.