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It's Not Lame, It's the 10 Days of Christmas - On the first day of Christmas...

We're not quite this large, but we're getting there.

Thanks to <a href="">DeltaMike</a> for the pic
We're not quite this large, but we're getting there. Thanks to DeltaMike for the pic

If you're new to the site or you try to forget everything you read here immediately after reading it, since I've put up a series at the end of the year to recap the 10 biggest stories of the Jazz season for the previous year.

I tried to combine a top-10 list with the 12 days of Christmas and this is what I got. It's not really a countdown either, just the top 10 stories. If you want to read the previous entries, here they are at SLC Dunk and the ones at They really have no rhyme nor reason nor any particular order. In fact, I have started with the 10th day of Christmas and I've also started with the 1st day of Christmas.

And really, I should be doing a top 10 of the decade because those are so in right now. Maybe I'll get a post listing all of those up later. So here we go with this year's list (must be read with the tune in mind),

On the first day of Christmas, the Utah Jazz gave me to me...

So the Jazz really didn't give us this one. And really, didn't start this year. There's been quite a bit that has happened with the Jazz over the year but I wanted to started with some information on the best Jazz fan community on the net.

Last year we had 249 members and as of when I wrote this, we have 762. Not bad at all. Of course not all of them are Jazz fans because members from other sites have to join to comment, but that's a pretty good number. And where we lack in quantity, we definitely make up in quality.

We had around 67,500 visits last year and now we're up to about 312,000.

Our system for tabulating how many FanPosts and comments we have isn't working right now but we had almost 10,000 comments at this time last season. I have to think moni has that many by herself by now. That's not a bad thing at all of course. But I singled her out because I remember when I looked last time, she had the most. There are quite a few others that are close but that's where we're at with comments.

So on this first day of Christmas, I just wanted to give a big thanks to all of the contributions, comments, and excellent game threads from everyone. We really do have a great base of knowledgeable, dedicated, and funny fans. I'm sure the lurkers are the same if we could ever pry them out of anonymity.

It's great to get so many different opinions on the Jazz and to know that there's someone screaming at the TV at the same time you are.

So thanks again for reading and contributing to SLC Dunk