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Game Thread - Minnesota Timberwolves @ Utah Jazz

To steal LHM's catchphrase, "You know these guys."

Despite how poorly the Timberwolves are playing and how well the Jazz are playing, the Peskies (as Hot Rod would call them) always play the Jazz tough and have beaten them a lot when they probably shouldn't have. It's all about the matchups.

Anyway, the Jazz will catch a break at Ryan "Freakin'" Gomes will be out.

Coincidentally (ironically?) the Jazz will have their full roster for the first time this season. Yes, 13 full players will suit up. I'm not forgetting Hapring but when you spend more time on the court with a mic in hand than you do with sneakers on, you're on the team on paper only. Sad.

Anyway, the Jazz need a win before heading on their pre-Christmas 5-game east-coast roady, something that they should get. It could be the classic let-down game but maybe, just maybe the Jazz are peaking out a little bit more around the proverbial corner.

Sounds like there are still plenty of tickets available for the game as Locke is using the Jazz Dancing team in Santa Suits as a motivator to buy tickets.

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