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The Downbeat - 15 December 2009 - #122 - The Coming Back to Earth Edition

1_medium So much for the best start in December since 2001.  I'm just going to shut my yapper from now on.  Maybe I should start by reading my own jinxing guidelines.  And then I go and say this in the preview,

Anyway, the Jazz need a win before heading on their pre-Christmas 5-game east-coast roady, something that they should get.  It could be the classic let-down game but maybe, just maybe the Jazz are peaking out a little bit more around the proverbial corner.


2_medium And here's where the season hinges I think.  Here's a 5-game roady where we're @NJ, @ATL, @CHA, @ORL, and @MIA.

This has disaster written all over it.  We won @ NJ for the first time in the last 4 seasons just last year and that took a huge comeback.  We haven't won @ CHA since 2005.  And ATL, ORL, and MIA are about as tough as it gets playing on the road.

We'll see the Jazz exactly once at home, Dec 26, as they finish out the month having 7 of 8 on the road.

8_medium   A renewed push for  Please make sure to vote.  More importantly, make sure you get other people to vote for Deron.  Publish it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (I guess), etc.  Like I mentioned on VoteDeron, I need to start a and publish it in Chinese.

4_medium The KOOF was on the inactive list last night all but sealing his fate to head down to the D-League. Right now he just needs some PT and hopefully he'll get that.

5_medium And sadly this is so true,

NBA 'Watchability' Scale: He nails the Jazz
15. Utah Jazz If the Utah Jazz played every game at home, they would be one of the five most watchable teams in the league. If they played every game on the road, they would be one of the five worst.