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SLC Dunk is growing

Sorry to keep you in suspense all day. I'm not going to ESPN or SI or anything like that. But as your waistline normally grows during the holidays, SLC Dunk is going to grow a bit, in a good way. Not in a "I plan on getting rid of you after the New Year" kind of way.

You may have noticed already some articles from clarkpojo and moni lately. That's nothing really new as they put up quite a bit of stuff. What I've done though is to bring them and others on board officially to write for SLC Dunk. Most of them already have their own blogs and they'll keep posting there. Without further ado, they are,

There's a few reasons why I wanted some additional people for SLC Dunk. First, I really like their blogs about the Jazz.

Second, I think they each bring something different that will make SLC Dunk great. They all have specialties but aren't limited in that scope either.

Finally, I've found that when I try to do SLC Dunk along with some other things (like VoteDeron), nothing gets done at all.

The main difference you'll see is that their stuff automatically goes to the front page and they'll be listed in the footer at the bottom of each page. I'll also call on them (or they'll just notice) if I forget to put up a game thread or something like that.

So thanks to them for accepting. You'll get a lot more content this way and won't always have to rely on me. I'm not going anywhere of course and I'll still be posting a lot. These guys (and girl) will be great additions.

Of course that doesn't preclude anyone else from posting FanShots and contributing. That's what's made this the best Jazz fan site/community.

Thanks for continuing to read and participate.