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The Downbeat - 17 December 2009 - #124 - The Five Minute Edition

1_medium Read the game thread from last night.  Glad to see we're back on track.  As far as the Rain Man pic, I'm an idiot.  I got my Jazz player catch phrases mixed up in my head.   I was going with "definitely" but that is Ronnie Brewer's.

For some reason, when I was thinking of "regardless" to associate Boozer and his return to NJ, I got "definitely."  Don't ask me how.

2_medium  Too bad the Jazz did themselves a huge disservice last night by beating the Nets.  They'll be feeling that one when NJ ends up with a better pick than us :).

8_medium  This spot might be a permanent reminder to vote for Deron every day.  So click on the box at the right if you haven't already and vote.  Then proceed.

4_medium In case you're not following me on twitter or using twitter at all, Deron is going to be on TNT tonight in studio with Ernie, Charles, and Kenny per @lockedonsports.  Make sure to catch that.

5_medium  And to finish out this cheapened Downbeat, since Deron's 7-turnover game against OKC, he's averaging 11.2 assists and only 2.45 turnovers while averaging 38 minutes a game.  And in 3 of the last 5 games, he's had exactly one TO while averaging 12 assists.  Ninja.