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The Downbeat - 18 December 2009 - #125 - The Hotlanta Edition

1_medium  Amazing stat.  It took a few hours, but I think I found the formula for Jazz success.

They are an incredible 15-0 when they score more points than the other team.  They are 0-10 when scoring less.  They have yet to tie on points, so I don't know how they would fare then.

2_medium  A little more seriousness - Last year I talked about the Jazz record when Memo scored more than 15 points a game.  When that happened, the Jazz were 33-10!  That's almost a 77% winning clip.

This year, he has only 5 such games and the Jazz are 2-3.  Now, he was called on to score more last season with all of the injuries and his scoring load is down for this season.  But I think I have to agree with clarkpojo when he says that Memo needs to shoot threes more and stop with the headfake crap.

Almost all of his stats are down this year.  You would think that with all of the driving and posting up, he would be getting to the FT line more, but even that's down.  Again, some of that has to do with the workload on offense.

Memo, just camp out on the three-point line, preferable at least a half foot behind it, and let it fly.  I miss the Deron and Memo pick play where Deron draws Memo's man into the lane with him and he kicks it out for the corner three.

8_medium Thanks to Shums for putting up the post on Deron's appearance on TNT.  I had written something up for it for  You can read it there.

Also, make sure to vote before you read on.

4_medium  The Jazz have lost their last two @ATL but have had success overall against them over the past several seasons.

The Jazz actually had a lead going into the fourth in last season's game but they got blown out in that quarter.  That was an all-too familiar trend that road trip.

5_medium With all of the sports scandals and gossip, the Jazz have been relatively scandal-free.  That doesn't mean that nothing is happening.

If there was a scandal involving one of the Jazz players, which one would be the biggest shock?  It doesn't have to be like Tiger's deal, just something that comes out that blows you away.  Like finding out the KOOF is a mere mortal or something just as outrageous.  Don't get carried away though.