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The Downbeat - 2 December - #113 - The Sponsored Edition

1_medium Over the past 7 games, the Jazz are holding opponents to just 92 points a game while allowing them to shoot 43.8%.

Those numbers are very close to what the top defensive teams in the league are doing right now.

2_medium Has Boozer initiated this much contact in his life on defense?  Over the past 7 games or so, I've seen give hard foul after hard foul and has *GULP* been our best defensive player?

He has a defensive rating of 102 which means that he's giving up 102 points per 100 possessions.  Take a look at the forwards in the league that have played at least 400 minutes,

That's pretty good.  He also leads the team with .9 defensive win shares.

Malone's career average?  102.

8_medium Some more stats for you.  The Jazz are in the middle of the pack when it comes to 3p shooting percentage with 35.4%.  They're also in the middle of the pack when it comes to opponents' 3P percentage with 34.8%. 

Here are the splits (rounded) for the previous seasons,

Year - Jazz/Opponent
2010 - 35/35
2009 - 35/36
2008 - 37/36
2007 - 34/36
2006 - 34/38

So those numbers are coming down on the opponent side.

4_medium I had the date wrong for the first home game for the green unis.  They're going to be busted out at the game on Friday.  Anybody here have one?  Do you like the green and yellow or the one with the purple in it as well?

5_medium I made the assumption earlier this year that the KOOF was going to overtake FESS on the depth chart.  He just seemed more committed and more basketball-oriented that Fesenko.

It's obviously been the opposite so far.  Fess appears that he's worked his tail off to improve his game.  I mean, last season, would you have ever envisioned him being able to make a steal and go coast-to-coast with it?  Or have some of the moves he has made?  Whatever his motivation is (contract, maturity, playing time), I don't think we should overlook the news that he's had a girlfriend since the summer time.  We don't know anything about her, but maybe she's helped ground him a bit.  Maybe she's his constant.  (Sorry, that's a LOST reference - Only two months away!)

I wonder though how the KOOF would do with some consistent playing time.  He may get some more PT soon, but it will likely be with the Flash.