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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Orlando Magic

Sorry, wrong Orlando.
Sorry, wrong Orlando.

If the Magic get out to a lead like they did in Utah, this will be a long, long game. The Jazz likely won't come back from something like that against a good team on the road.

I don't have high hopes for this game, but the Jazz have a shot if they can limit turnovers, get a high amount of assists, and let Orlando do as much one on one as possible.

Jameer Nelson will be back tonight in a limited role backing up Jason Williams. If he has any issues at all, I imagine we'll see him sit pretty quickly.

I'm kind of scared that the Magic have shot poorly from three the past couple of games.

UPDATE - C.J. Miles will make the start tonight.

Also, I wonder how the Boozer/Howard sleepover went. Who got the top bunk? Did the first one asleep get their hand dipped in warm water?