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The Downbeat - 22 December 2009 - #127 - The Don't Tweet Me Bro Edition

1_medium CJ's last-second three last night made some bettors very happy as it covered the spread for the game:

That last shot was all that mattered!!! Beat the spread!!!! MIP, MIPMIP!!!!!!!
thanks man! That 3 at the end of the game covered the spread for me! You made me rich! Haha

Even without the whole Donaghy thing, I'm sure athletes would be wary of making it like they were associated with gambling in the slightest.  CJ quickly put squelched things,

Please do not send me tweets about any of Tha spreads or anything to do wit betting I want no parts of it and no misunderstandings ..thanks

2_medium  Believe it or not, the Jazz hold the record for the biggest comeback in NBA history for a single game,

On Nov. 27, 1996, the Utah Jazz stormed back from 36 points down to beat the Denver Nuggets.

Nuggets coach Dick Motta, who had replaced the fired Bernie Bickerstaff two games prior, summed it up afterward in a Rocky Mountain News story:

''When you're 34 points ahead, you're basically obligated to go ahead and win,'' Motta said. ''We looked like a deer in headlights. The thing I tried to do (in the second half) was say, 'Remember how you got the lead, remember how you played in the first half.' But it looked like we were looking for the clock to tick down so we could hold on to win.''

Okay, so it was 1996 and not 2009.  Check out the box score from that game and the scoring per quarter.

The Nuggets also gave up a 31-point lead earlier that year (the previous season) to the Bulls.

8_medium  I understand where Sloan is coming from with his philosophy about shooting as close to the basket as you can.  It's hard to argue with 20+ years of success.

But if you're not shooting them throughout the game, it's hard to get going with them late, especially when you need them like the Jazz did.

Also, Memo (or if anyone with the team reads this), please stop with the head-fake three attempts.  First, it was having your toe on the line.  Now you're not Money.  Just let it fly.  You can get your shot up over everyone.  Just point and shoot.

4_medium 3-2 on this road trip would have to be considered a huge win for the Jazz.  Granted, they would have to win at Miami tomorrow night.  The good news is that Miami has struggled at home going 2-3 in their first of 5 games in a row.  They finish up with the Jazz tomorrow.  The bad news is that they've been off since Sunday, so they should be well-rested.  Hopefully the Jazz can avenge their loss last year.

5_medium This really doesn't have much to do with the Jazz other than they do a lot of charity work.  And maybe something should have been organized through SLC Dunk if I had thought ahead for once.

I realize that this time of year is hectic, to say the least.  But if you haven't done something yet to help someone else out this year, look for something that you can do, big or small, to bring some joy into someone's life.  Whether it's some volunteer work, giving money, spending time with the elderly, etc., just do something.  Do what you can.  It doesn't have to be by Christmas. 

I'm sure Dunkers are already doing this.  That's just the kind of people we have here.  I don't know why I ended the DB with this.  Just seemed appropriate.