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Eric Maynor and Matt Harpring Traded to Oklahoma City

From Ross Siler,

The Jazz on Tuesday traded 2009 first-round draft pick Eric Maynor plus Matt Harpring's rights to Oklahoma City in exchange for the rights to Peter Fehse, a forward from Germany who was a second-round pick of the Sonics in 2002.

With only 12 players on the roster, the Jazz will be forced to make an additional move to reach the league minimum of 13.

Is something else on the horizon?  Bigger news coming?  Is this the first domino?  There has to be something else happening.

Ronnie Price will take over as the backup point guard.  Given that Sloan loves to have 3 PG and Price's recent injury history, do they have something else in place to bring in another PG?

OKC already has 15 players on their roster including 4 PGs with one out.  Are they going to be cutting people? Looks like they cut Livingston and Wilks.  Thanks Sherbs

I can't see them giving away Maynor like this without expecting some other deal to happen.  Sloan loves to have his three PGs.  Also, given Price's injuries the past couple of seasons, we need some insurance.  And like Siler mentioned, they're going to have to add someone.

My guess is that they don't want to bring on more money, so there could be a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 trade coming shortly.  My immediate thought was a Boozer for Hinrich and Thomas swap given that the Jazz need another PG (although very expensive) and the Bulls need a shakeup right now.  If the trade fails for the Bulls, then at the worst they lose Booze's contract next season and they become big players in the FA market.  Maybe the Jazz move Hinrich to the two at times and pair him with Deron?

Losing Maynor though kind of hurts because he's a solid player and could be a good PG in the league.  He would have been one of the last players I thought would be traded.  I guess he's free of his pink backpack now.

I don't know though.  Just throwing that out there.

More coming...