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The Downbeat - 23 December 2009 - #128 - The Very Quick and Late Edition

1_medium DJ White wears #3 in OKC.  Think Maynor will have to buy it from him or will he have to get a new number?

2_medium  Will Maynor have to continue his rooking hazing?  Does he have to start over?

8_medium Here's betting Dontell Jefferson gets the callup today.  I wonder if it will be a 10-day contract?  Can they even do those yet?  Or would it be a non-guaranteed deal?

4_medium  Mark Stein has a good take on the Maynor trade.

5_medium  I can tell you that if the FO turns around and can pull off another trade for some missing pieces, they might just instill a bit of confidence into the fan base.  If nothing goes down, then we pretty much are looking forward to the off-season.